Founder Members:

    Ramesh Ottikunta and Sudhakar Thota, working as Software Engineers in USA and Vinayak Kalluri, Academician, BITS-Pilani are the founder members of REASWA. We are from Ramireddy Palle in Chittoor District, Andhra Pradesh, India and essentially hail from poor agricultural families. Having had the first hand experience of facing several insurmountable difficulties in pursuing our studies, we have earnestly taken up the mantle of serving our birthplace in eradicating poverty by way of motivating the younger generation towards a better education and livelihood.


REASWA's objectives:

       Providing financial aid to the eligible students to pursue their goal.

       Reduce drop-outs in schools through donation of cloths/books to selected primary schools

       Providing news papers, journals and other knowledge gaining material to selected rural places

       Providing counseling sessions for the needy students to build their career

       To motivate and prepare rural students for competitive exams to compete with students from corporate schools